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  • Celebrities love parading their Tattoos,which to some, might look attractive that they die to have them.
  • Little did they know,that each and every tattoo has a deeper and hidden meaning, with some going as far as linking the owner to the dead and even worse,Cultism
  • Traditional tattoos were used to fetch spiritual power, protection and strength.

The Bible holds a different perspective when tattoo is concerned, but that isn't our focus for tonight.
In escient times,Tattoo were considered a traditional method that was used to fetch spiritual power,protection and strength. In most cases,you might find yourself chocking to have a tattoo,but believe you me,25% of people with tattoos regrets ever putting them on their skin.

The Kind of tattoo you see on your favorite Celebrities-without knowing their meaning, might all seem as a decoration and an added beauty,but little did you know they mean a really deep shti*.Biblically, the bible contradicts and condemns the traditional mythology related to tattoo.So does this mean our gospel artists won't see the  gates of heavens? A good example of such Celebrities raising eye brows is controversial Gospel musician Willy Paul.
The hidden meaning behind the tattoo.
Aquaman (Hawaiin Actor/Model)
The tattoo Willy Paul is rocking,dates back to Hawaiin Community, The tattoo- shark tooth tattoo- holds the symbolic meaning of shelter,orientation, power,ferocity and adaptability. According to the Hawaiin mythology, the tattoo hold the power of an enciet spirit(god) who came back to protect its family-in this case,the huwaiin People.

The meaning of the tattoo varies depending on the position it lies.
  1. At the upper arm and shoulder;
Musician -Willy Paul
The tattoo at this position is associated with strength and bravery while relating to leaders, kings and worrier
  1. Lower hands and arms;
Deejay Kalonje
Here the tattoo relates to Creativity, creation and making things.
The tattoo is occasionally seen on aquaman Movie recently released by DC

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