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Police Escort! controversial gospel musician willy paul to expose the industry dirty secrets

  • Call a spade a spade ala! musician willy paul to expose the dirty secrets in the music industry
  • He will put to shame everyone who looked down on him
  • Hallelujah hit song is trending on YouTube with over 2million views
  • Ringtone withdraws charges against willy Paul but leaves him with a hard 'warning'

Controversial gospel Singer Willy Paul sends a stun warning to everyone who looked down on him,judged him or even went as far as dragging  him down.His long speech on Instagram left fans gazing with others already feeling sorry for the fellow gospel Musician Ringtone Apoko who always threw shades at him.
Ringtone had apparently reported the 'Njiwa' hit maker Willy Paul at the high court in Nairobi of Fornication and mentioning of 'God's name in an immoral video.But..

After a heating conservative meeting with DjMo i have dropped the charges against willy Paul,however, i will not shy away from taking a legal Action in future if he plays with the name of the lord again..Ringtone message to Fellow musician Willy Paul

 Now Willy Paul has came out and he is not going to relax,until he exposes the dirty people in the industry.Not only will he expose the people who looked and dragged him down but also those stabbing him behind the screens

Morning guys, 2019.. this is the year that l am going to put to shame everyone that looked down on me, I'm going to expose every dirty secrets that they have been doing in this INDUSTRY.Trust me, you'll all be shocked ..crazy world..How they planned to bring me down,the people involved and the things this people have been doing behind the screen. I'm not perfect but you know what?? Call a spade a spade ala!!! #hallelujah!
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