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#Kipopo!!Timmy Tdat ignites Dating Rumours with famours Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree

Kipopo!! New song Ignites dating rumours between the two Celebrities behind the song- Rosa ree and Timmy Tdat
  • Is Timmy Tdat Dating Rapper Rosa Ree from Tanzania?
  • Watch kipopo Video ,Timmy Tdat featuring Rosa Ree,Now on youtube
  • Timmy Tdat on sportlight
Controversial kenya Musician Timothy owuor known to many as Timmy Tdat,realesed his new song #kipopo ft Rosa Ree-now on youtube,but fans can't stop but to suspect the Artist has already eaten the high end Tanzanian Female rapper.This is happening few months after female singer Dela dismissed the acquisitions she was dating the Kenyan rapper.Instagram in-laws now demands the Artist to Date the female Rapper,"they make a perfect match" says one of the fans.This is happening just few days from Timmy's  dreadful relationship with Kush Tracy,that still lingers in our minds - a big blow to the 'Kasabunians'.

To add more source to the Rumours,Catchy romantic photos of the two celebrities have been seen surfacing the internet with caption that might prove there is something really cooking between the two,and now Timmy is now facing a hard time trying to convice us he hasn't tested the rapper #kipopo.
Tanzanian took our girl ,and now we urge you (Timmy Tdat)to take Rosa

Wherever there is a smoke,expect fire,nothing stays under the sheets for long,not in Kenya.Meanwhile check the video,which is now on Youtube
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