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Nakuroga Unakufa! Takataka Artist Alvin rules life ban from Music should he not appear before the KFCB

  • The ban is executed few weeks after a University student  was hacked to death by a stalker.
  • Broadcasting, exhibition, distribution (including online) or possession of this song is a "criminal offense"
  • KFCB categorized the song as 'aggressive with hard feelings reaction to rejection

Despite,the song having more than one million views on YouTube, Kenya Films classification Board has issued a ban on the song,reasons, the song is characterized by crude language that objectifies women and glorifies hurting them as a normal reaction of rejection.The ban was tabled weeks earlier after a medical student from Moi University in Eldoret was hacked to death by a 'boyfriend' who couldn't accept rejection.Referring to similar insident,17yrs Old girl was also stabbed several times by 'baby daddy' for the same reason-rejection.

The aggressive and sodistic attitude exhibited by the singer, Alvin, seek not only incites men  who face rejection by suitors, but also justifies hatred and hard feelings that comes with possible rejection.In this regards,therefore, Takataka is unsuitable for consumption by any segment of the society.... Ezekiel Mutua,MBS

Alvin,in addition,is to appear before the board in 14Days,failure to it legal proceedings will follow.The musician will risk a life ban from being a member of any Collective management Organization in kenya should he defy KFCB summon
Artists must take art serious as a tool for shaping values and character of children,gender violation and decoration must not be portrayed as a way of life.Artists and broadcasters must promote clean content that builds the mor fabric of our NationNation

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