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Kipkaren;Eldoret Man risks rotting in jail after attacking daughter and wife over a 'mlika mwizi' phone

Bythe time neighbours arrived the daughter had been hit on the head and was lying on the ground unconscious,

  • Man came home at night only to find a reinforcement,daughter
  • The man used the wife's phone to pay for drink (not the first time)
  • He hits the daughter with a stone on the head until she lost consciousness
The woman yelled and screamed waking the entire neighbours

On Wednesday night,people from ,kipkaren Estate, adjacent to pioneer estate,Eldoret were awaken by a bizarre incident where a drunk man nearly killed his daughter and wife.He came home few hours to midnight drunk to his awaiting and pissed wife who by now was tired of his uncontrollable drinking habits.The wife demanded for her phone which the husband defended himself sayingvit got lost,she didn't believe him because to her this was not the first time this happened. The husband is fond of taking small valuables from the house to pay for her drinks,she narrated.

Tonight the wife had prepared for a battle,with the daughter as a reinforcement.Few minutes later,after a misunderstanding, the couples were heard yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs attracting our attention. Bythe time neighbours arrived the daughter had been hit on the head and was lying on the ground unconscious,,like that wasn't enough, now carrying a bigger stone,the drunkard changed course to his wife where he was intercepted by the neighbours.The wife refused to sue or fill complaints and instead she requested to wait untill he's sobber before they could settle the matter.

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