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Malaya Wewe!! Nadia Mukami throws shades at a fan who called her 'ugly'..

Musician Nadia Mukami exposes the other side of her to fan

  • Tripping,, this is how Nadia might loose her fans
  • "You're ugly" this is what the fan had to say and more
  • Here is the statement with screenshots

Nadia aggressively throws insults to a fan who called her "ugly"

Every time you see her on your screen you might think she is a humble and harmless Artist, but deep down her classic dresses lies a heart-full of insults,She tripped.'Ignore my facial expression',for the fan ,her face couldn't be ignored and in return,he irresistibly misused her bundles to send a comment that yield him a bucket full of insults from the artist,,,,,he earned it.

"Mama yako ndo inspiration...The big Break Act,coke studio 2019 singer took upon herself to reply the fan and as she narrates it,he has a habit of commenting rubbish and insults at the artist.

Every time i feel like he was sent to insult me by someone,,,me ukinitukana nakuweka bahali bako,,
Yule yule hit maker refused to apologize, " he deserved it"he replied.The reply created a mixed reaction with some of her fans suggesting she could have just blocked the guy instead of throwing the harsh words to him..itachoma picha.
Attacking him was ok,but including his mother was
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