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Nadia Mukami's 'Breast-taking' Photos that left team Mafisi 'Salivating | Kakamega

Unfortunately, it was a 'No Bra' day for the Big Break songstress Nadia Mukami

  • Nadia Mukami shows-off he 'boobs' during a performance in Kakamega
  •  Photos of the singer found their way online leaving restless team 'mafisi' salivating. 
  • 'African lover' forgets she's a star,throws hard words at any fan who spreads negativity.
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Unapologetic Songstress Mukami,'Radio love'-featuring Arrow Bwoy,hit maker is one of the big break through among kenyan Artists who took the music industry by storm.
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Her unique taste of music was widely accepted by many who can't have enough of her sweet vocals.However, today a section of her fans were left disconteted by the way she was dressed following a performance in Kakamega after this photos went viral.
They couldn't resist what they were seeing and they all rushed to flock her instagram Comment section.Drooling over her pics for moments.
The photos created a mixed reaction from her followers with a section of her fans noticing her drasticweight 'gain' while the rest of her followers catchy eyes couldnt stop but to steer at her irresistible piping boobs.
The photos were taken during a performance at Club scotch baron at Kakamega-i could only imagine what the men at the concert went through.
Unfortunately,any negativity that was thrown at her,earned the fan a hard hitting ruthless response.

Don't loose yourself in the process..we love you-fan's piece of advice 

With a handful of courageous followers on board,section of her fans were not afraid of her mean responses and intead 'called a spoon;a spoon-not a big spade.
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