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Heart touching;Impastor "untill sickness do us apart"

She will never recover again!..says the pastor

A Nigerian poster just remarried on 30th,March of this year,after her wifes recovery attempts went fital.Namo Enock,formerly known as,Kingsley Obinna allegedly abandoned his wife because he couldn't keep up with her sickness,which he knew about even before they got married.The pastor started his pastoral work with the living faith church in 2011 and it was in the same church where he meet his wife, they exchanged vows on sat,19th,Nov,2011 on tge same church but due to the wifes health challenges of the lady,the 'impastor' decided to abandon the marriage with affirmations..

She will not recover and i have fought her battles enough

Few months later,the pastor was seen in yet another marriage with another woman,on the same church.They wedded this weekend on sat, 30th,2019.The fact that the pastor hurriedly went and remarried has sparked lots of questions..including his faith and that of the Church.
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