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Twerking Gospel!Ringtone takes Willy Paul's latest song 'Hallelujah' featuring Nandy to court

Nandy is not your wife,you should not touch her private parts like that..Ringtone..

  • Ringtone Apoko accused fellow Gospel singer Willy Paul of Fornication in God's name
  • Hallelujah is not a Gospel song,,Ringtone attacks Fellow Gospel singer
  • She is twerking on you and your saying hallelujah,,, Ringtone blurst Willy Paul
Ringtone is set to sue fellow Gospel artist to court today.

Sticking to his words,Ringtone Apoko is set and ready with Advocates to sue Willy Paul and his Latest Music hallelujah featuring Nandy from Tanzania.The controversial gospel Singer accused the artist of fornication and promoting immorality in the Name of Gospel."Nandy is not your wife,willy paul your touching her private parts while she is twerking on you and your saying hallelujah... "Apoko addressing willy Paul.

Mark my words as the Christian youth in #nairobikenya by Friday we will have sue @willy.paul.msafi for using Hallelujah holy name in a fornication song.Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against

It didn't end their,The artist on his earlier post promised to take the Artist to court by today and he is definitely going to do that,,posting a video on Instagram, he confirms that his advocates are all ready and set to make sure the case is a success.

Willy Paul and Nandy are yet to comment on the artists threats with their song trending at #.1 on youtube with 1million views..we wish Apoko all the lucks,,he will need it

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