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Aaaww!!Kenyans push 2in1 hitmaker Naiboi to Date Romantic singer Fena Gitu

  • Fena Gitu to work with Naiboi as ambassadors for the Marini Naturals
  • They make a match' fans wants the two celebrities to date,as they look good together.
  • Cute,right?...Fena Gitu is looking amazing in these  beach wear attires -Bikini
Notorious Kenyans can't keep calm but to admire these two adorable Celebrities.

While the Marini Natural campaign is coming to a close,Notorious Kenyans can't avoid but to keep calm to these amazing collabo  that brought fenaminal woman,fena Gitu and 2in1 hit maker Naiboi to a single frame.

Kitaeleweka. Scrolling hrough the comments you might mistake the occasion with a honeymoon occasion.Amazing Intagram laws couldn't hold their thoughts but to mentally engage the artists."Their is enough love to go around" Says Fena Gitu on one of her instagram captions.It will be had to convince Kenyans that Naiboi didn't see anything when he was staring deep at her gazing eyes.Leave alone the fact that they were spending a good time inside the same pool,while in a bikini.Tempting indeed!

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