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Ladies Fashion:Get 'booted' for a new look.

Boots; See the many things making fashion scene fascinating, 

  • Learn what the celebrities are wearing,their designers,and in events like the Fashion shows
  • Get to know what to wear, for what occasions and how to wear it.
The many things make the fashion scene fascinating;the constant wind of change blown in new colours,cuts,lengths and Fabrics gives the fashion industry the dynamism that makes it a riveting scene, keep watching for new trends.
Boots for instance, have survived fashion trends and seasons,to keep emerging as a basic accessory for most clothes.It is this versatility and the variety available (ankle to thigh high,pointed or blunt-ended,zipped or buckled,leather or suede,low or high heeled),that ensure there is a boot for every woman and every occasion.

√Knee-length boots are best saved for informal functions.They look great teamed with a short skirt/dress (if you have the legs for it)which is why they are not  compatible with the standard office dress code that leans towards conservative.
Ankle boots go with almost all types of clothes.Teamed with trousers,they are suitable for work;for casual wear,they look good with a long skirt,shorts or jeans.
An emerging trend in footwear is pointed toes.The trend was first seen in sandals,mules,pumps and now boots.

As with all types of footwear,boots come in a range of heels:from comfy stack -heels to spiky ones.The low to medium-heeled shoes are a good choice,not only for boots but  also for other types of shoes-especially if you have a job where you move around or are on your feet alot.This gives you both the comfort and saves your back from straining as high heels re-align your spinal cord in a completely different way.
Boots are made from various materials,the most common being leather and suede.They are also available in patent leather,especially the knee-length ones meant to be worn as part  of a casual or party outfit.

Boots come with different fastenings.The general trend is that knee-length boots are fastened with a zip and ankle boots with laces,a zip or buckle.GET BOOTED!
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