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Dr Ofweneke ex wife Niccah promised dates to Eldoret musician Ricc Berry all gone south

Ricc berry love message to Niccah the Queen that took the media by surprise

  • Ricc Berry to dedicate a song to Dr Ofweneke Baby mama
  • Gospel musician Niccah the Queen to take Ricc berry for a date
  • The Second During Valentines Day between Niccah and Ricc Berry Never happened

Ricc Berry feeling disappointment after Niccah couldn't keep her promises..

Ricc Berry,a musician,song writer and a coffee Barista,currently at Bakers point Eldoret early last year took the media by storm after he confessed her love for the Mother of two and an ex wife to a popular comedian and a Tv host,Dr Ofweneke.Luckily,the message did hit the Gospel musician Niccah who in return agreed to take him for a date.This never happened till date,but the Hardworking and perfoming Artist never gave up on her."Am ready to fix you " says the artist.

The artist was very disappointed,although,that didn't stop him from reciting and writting a song for his "crush.The lady received the song but never made an effort of meeting the Singer.
Early this year,Niccah organized a poll on her Instagram ,declaring to take one of his most voted fans to Mr flavour event that was to happen at Uhuru Garden, Ricc berry won the challenge and they were to meet on 16th for an exclusive Date,he was fooled twice.Love is blind,but not stupid,but in this case its different,the artist is again seen making advance towards his lifetime crush and we are here praying for our boy to get that chance.Niccah please spear the guy,its just a date.
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