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spotted!DjShitti,Shaniqwa,Butita;Daring Alvindo releases'Takataka' Video despite ban by KFCB

Discouraging; Boychild anthem is no more,takataka audio deleted from youtube despite 1.1million views..cries alvindo

  • Alvindo manager,eric,proceeds with takataka video despite Warnings from Mutua
  • The new video cost the production 1million
  • ' the video will not be tamed Just because Mutua misunderstood it
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KFCB boss ,Mutua highlighted that the song was never submitted to the Board for examination for approval as dicted by section 12(2) of the films and stage play Act CAP 222.Depite the ban,The artist behind 'takataka song,Alvindo and  his management has decided to proceed with the video release.The entertainment management spent 1million on the Video production and he is not planning to drop the video just because Mutua misunderstood it.

The video was released on Sunday,21st April 2019 by Alex,Alvindo manager.

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Now what!?

Alvin,is to appear before the board in 14Days,failure to it legal proceedings will follow.The musician will risk a life ban from being a member of any Collective management Organization in kenya should he defy KFCB summon 

Why the song was banned

Click ;how "takataka" song has been related to gruesome murder of Moi university student Ivy Wangechi {RIp)

The aggressive and sodistic attitude exhibited by the singer, Alvin, seek not only incites men  who face rejection by suitors, but also justifies hatred and hard feelings that comes with possible rejection.In this regards,therefore, Takataka is unsuitable for consumption by any segment of the society.... Ezekiel Mutua,

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