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Eldoret; 21yrs old University student,now embarrassed, caught 'pants down' with Step-father

Her mum came home early that night where she caught them on the act

Spilling the truth after he was pushed to the wall,her father admitted to be in love with the daughter
  • Ann's mother went for the knife almost stabbing the 'hoe' husband on the back before she was intercepted
  • Now Ann is embarrassed to approach her mother three months earlier

Speaking to Eldoretplus,Ann,(not her real name) has had a hard time explaining herself to her aggressive mum,who apparently was the one who caught her getting cossy with her husband in their matrimonial bed.The 21year old student-not to mention the university,from Annex said despite her loving her parents so much,she never meant to hurt her mum in anyway.

"It was on a Friday night after having super that my mum walked in and found us on bed,not completely naked as i was putting on a silk satin gown while my dad was only putting on a short,before we could even explain ourselves, my mum went wild on us screaming and shouting at the top of her voice,attracting the whole neighbourhood attention,before she started throwing things and abusive words at us" says Ann

Now drowning in hot soup,Ann's father admitted he was in love with her step-daughter and that he never loved the Mother because she was too old for him,in addition that,he mentioned this wasn't the first time the two got engaged in the act.Her mother,who now couldn't take in any more went for the knife almost stabbing the husband's lower back before he was intercepted by the neighbours.
Ann was chased out of the house that night where she got refuge at a neighbors house.She could here her mother still shouting her lungs out while close neighbors,now already flooding the scene,tried to calm her down but this was like testing poison to make sure it's working-she was fuming

Early that morning her mother moved out while Ann crawled into the house few minutes after her mum departed,She parked her few cloths and ran out to her boyfriends house where she has been staying for 3 months now.

"Am writing this because even after escaping the humiliation, am still haunted by guilt and am praying that my mum will forgive me..,

Its now three month since then with her mother trying to reach her but all is in vain because she is too 'embarrassed' to approach her and this gives her sleepless nights.Yesterday she agreed to meet her mother and as she was writing to us,she confirmed they are now in good terms..
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