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Citizen TV popular show #10over10 Risks Closure after this happened LIVE ..

Photo Credits: 10 over 10 Citizen Tv
>Popular Citizen Tv programme 10 over 10, Hosted By Media Personality Willys Raburu risks Closure after viral photos of Nudity were spotted on the show

>Ezekiel Mutua,KFCB boss pointed out in the previous complaints that the show promoted Homosexuality and that it Hosted school going,underage Kids

>Yesterday parents were left mouth wixe open,shamelessly with heads buried to the ground after certain Nudes scene caught them unaware while enjoying the program.
Photo Credits: 10 over 10 Citizen Tv
10 over 10 popular show usually aired live on Friday Nights from 11:00pm ion popular TV station Citizen Tv,Hosted by Tv/radio presenter Willys Raburu Risks Closure after concerned parents flocked KFCB Boss social Medias with Complaints regarding the program.

The complaints comes after few reckless Dancers and Artists hosted on the Show unexpectedly revealed the unseen during a live recording.Almost turning the whole nation blind,,.not forgetting to mention the humongous number of School going Children following up on the programme.

Addressing the KFCB,parents are demanding for the show to be regulated or completly shut down.If that is what they intended to feed their children. According to the complaints forwarded online by parents,who were backed by Concerned Netizens.The program not only promoted immorality but also exposed viewers to bad images.
Photo Credits: 10 over 10 Citizen Tv
This is not the first time the show,10 over 10 has created a mixed reaction whith the majority of kenyans attacking the program for promoting immorality. The numerous attacks managed to reach KFCB,Ezekiel Mutua's desk to whom in return gave out a sturn warning followed by a sermon to the program Host Willy's Raburu.
Most of the challenges we have in society today,particularly the unrest in School and Bizarre incident of Immorality are as a result of the bad content Kids Are exposed to..addressing 10 over 10 show in July 2018

However, The show managed to get its way back on our screens.
Photo Credits: 10 over 10 Citizen Tv
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