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1Million ;Ringtone to reward anyone who can identify the thief who broke into his house.

  • Rington to reward 1 million to anyone who can locate or identify the thief
  • The thieves broke into his house tied the guards and dragged the Dog
  • Very important documents,valuable and money were stolen
Ringtones is pleading for help in prayers as his life might be in danger.

Ringtone,who recently took fellow Gospel artist,Willy Paul's latest song Hallelujah to court,His house was broken into by unknown people. The thieves managed to walk away with Documents, valuables and Money of unknown value.

"Yesterday as I was out meeting some friends thugs broke into my house dragged my dogs tied the guards with robs and broke into the house. I Very important documents, valuables and money was stolen..." Ringtone

The gospel singer has offered a clean 1million kenya shillings to anyone who might have an information that might lead to the intruders arrest.As he narrates it,Ringtone was coming home from meeting a friends before he noticed suspicious activities in his Compounds including a a broken door lock.Looking further, he found his guard tied while the Dog dragged on the floor.

I need your prayers for my safety....

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