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Zarika 'iron fist' sexuality and Family

She is a mother and a father..says her daughter

The WBC super Bantamweight Fatuma Zarika,nicknamed the 'iron fist' ,just  few days ago reclaimed her Championship after defeating Phiri from Zambia for the second time.An outcome which created a divided opinion on social media.The decision was made at the 10th round of the fight which left a sections of Zambians and even Kenyans doubting her win.This,as always ignited "kenya si hami" crew on social media and to add salt on it,a Zambian Facebook page user posted a statement that termed the female fighter,zarika a "man".This was not long enough before the user was silenced by the kenya 'social media' army,who,just like zarika,threw blows of words and hilarious responses at the user one after the other-the user apologized.These were but just minor injury, Now here is the knockout.

Her photo,showing something like a 'Jethro tool' has been circulating on social media with people questioning her sexuality.

Were the Zambian's correct when they terned her a man

Just to clear the airwaves,Zarika Fatuma was born in kenya in 13th of March 1985,she is a daughter to Ali Muhammad and a mother of two.The female fighter grew up in the slums where she had to battle with life,She grew a tomboy look, but that didn't stop her to become a caring and a loving mother of Two.Her daughter, Sophia Zarika is 20 years old now,while her other daughter Halima,is a student at Emmaus Secondary School.She is a single mother but she raised her kids like " A father and a mother" says her daughter.

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