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[viral video] Driver attacks a passenger,hitting him on the head with a 'spanner"

 Driver of matatu registration No. KAK 251G
assaults a passenger with a
metal rod along Kargundo Road, causes injuries to his bead
With the main cause of the fight not yet clear,allegations has it that the attacked passengers was travelling from Runda to Ruaka,before the incidence. According to the circulated video,the angry passenger started the fight."he assaulted me first,what have i done" shouts the driver.
Like the abusive words the passenger threw at the driver wasn't enough,the unknowing passenger went and attacked the driver,who had alighted the 'matatu' with an iron rod,spanner.They exchanged few words before the driver concluded enough was enough,he retaliated and gave the rude passenger a father-son beating.Now helpless,the passenger retreated with wounds on the head and the back.

Nauliza vizuri? Ni mimi nilikubeba....mimi nime mwangalia,yeye anakuja ana ni attack,,,what have i done to you." The Driver shouted

The video has created a mixed reaction on the social media,but the big questions is.what was the other passengers doing instead of helping,to stop the fight?
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