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[video]5 Armed Robbers Caught on Cctv footage arrested by the DCI

The robbers have been  terrorizing Makande,Mombasa area for sometimes now

"Siku za mwizi" The 5 notorious robbers who were caught on Cctv footage brandishing a gun at an innocent lady have been arrested by the DCI.According to the footage,the robbers swiftly robbed the lady on a broad daylight.
Just the other day they shot and injured an mpesa owner, robbing his money in mkanjuni area.They are the same men on motorcycle, serves them right-Mombasa Resident

From the Camera footage, the three are seen approaching the unsuspecting lady,before one of them takes her hand bag,while the second man  shows her the gun.The third robber on the other hand goes for the motorcycle,picks the other crew members and flees the scene. The woman is seen confused and helpless, she walks away without even creating a scene or screaming
The power of social media.
Thanks to the social media,the Video was serculated getting the DCI's attention "Don't even waste time with the court just terminate their lived once they have been positively identified" says an angry citizen.
The robbers identity
The robbers were identified as,Brighton Naiya Mangala,Mohammed hassan,Chriss Odhiambo,Evans Munyoki Mbuire and Mutonyi Nzomba.
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