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{Video} Jane dumped her Boyfriend,who gave her 'burkenge' beatings in return, publicly few moments after paying her 20k school fee

The furious boyfriend went to her classroom to confront her..

This is happening just few weeks after a police officer sprayed bullets on her girlfriend before fleeing ,for the same reasons.The lady dumped her boyfriend on social media few years after the man paid for her college university. The online argument wasn't resolved leading to the death of the lady.A similar situation has been witnessed at Michaels University

It's reported that Janes boyfriend had paid 20k for her school fees,only for the ungrateful girlfriend to dump her. The shamefull video is currently trending on the media."The boyfriend paid 20k and in few hours later  caught Jane cheating on him,Jane dumped her,not able to hold the furry,he stormed Jane's classroom demanding for answers".sources.

The angry boyfriend, without satisfying answers landed on her ,je started beating the girl demanding for his 20k refund.

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