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Cardi B or tanasha Donna!? Confusing similarities between the two Celebrities

Why Tanasha Donna is occasionally mistaken to be The American Rapper Cardi B.

The African Luo Bae took the internet on storm after the Famous Bongo musician, Diamond platinumz, made their relationship official. The two couples surfaced the internate and has been trending for the better in the past few months.The Bongo star pledged to marry the Kenyan beauty,Tanasha Donna on February 19th 2018-the wedding didn't push through. The celebrities managed to crawl through enemies jaws including Diamond's Baby mama who is a threat to Tanasha but judging by her undeniable beauty, we must conclude that Diamond picked the right choice.

Cardi B on the other hand,unlike Tanasha,kicked off her fame through viral vine videos and posts on instagram,but did you know? Cardi B used to work as a stripper at a club befor becoming famous?..


The two celebrities happens to share the same taste of fashion.Apart from putting on Catchy and eligant designers clothing, they also look similar when it comes to hair design ,body shape and above all ,,,a confusing look

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