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photos; "sema kunona" Nazizi new look will shock you! Qr

I'm comfortable in my own skin are you?

Nazizi,started singing way back,even before some of us were born,she's a female artist,mostly know for her reggae songs.The fact that she comes from a family where the dad was hypertensive and her mother diabetes, Nazizi swore never to visit the hospital due to weight gain.With the help of her family members and friends who decided to help her through 'Nazizi Kenya weight loss program,Nazizi managed to loose 32kgs which left her looking sexy and sassy,but it didn't take long before she gained the weight again.

During the old times,we must admit Nazizi was a bad a**,her songs were played everywhere,from 'mathrees' to clubs,from rural villages to the big city of Nairobi...she was a celebrity, so what went wrong?.Nazizi has been going through a serious health problem for the past two years and she was unable to train regularly as it was required, hence the massive weight gain.

'I met people and some will say 'Naz umegain weight' or 'kwani umeamua kunona tena?' my mind am thinking kwani hii body ni yangu ama yako?

The famous,Reggae artist also added that,for any of her fans not comfortable with her new look,should first look at themselves "be kind to yourself and work out,trust the process " Nazizi

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