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'sema kuiva' Trending #tbt photos of hot 96 radio presenter shix kapienga

From a Kangemi tomboy to a slay queen
Nancy wanjiru karanja also known as shicx kapienga is a Radio presenter,an actress,a comedian and a media personality  from Nairobi,kenya.The actress has been #trending today,this is after she posted an old throwback photo of her,putting on a miniskirt with an old is the funny part,her fans turned the instagram post comment into a laugh scene ,"no boobs,no ass,,kwa kweli uklikua ume iva"

Like that wasn't enough for her,the radio presenter also had to explain to her fans what the 'shoka' on the photo was for?.Shics is now 31_years,a little is know about her current relationship, well,shes good at hidding it.'Mungu hutoa watu mbali',some years back,the former 'beba beba' actress admitted she was a tomboy,but look how things turned out! She is now the trending slay queen from kangemi.

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