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No side effects;loose weight in these 5 Natural ways

Start by consuming lots of proteins and avoid junk foods
"Try changing your lifestyle" this is what most specialist will always tell you.Try changing your lifestyle and try out this tips and i a sure you the result are outstanding.

Avoid junk or processed foods
When i mention junk,what's the first thing hitting your mind? No,don't look at the dust bin.Junk food are foods mostly containing lots of fats and calories with little or sometimes no nutritional values,on the other hand,processed food,are mostly containing lots of unnoticed fats i.e chips.These type of foods lack nutrition,are high in carbs and they can't fill you.In this case we advice you to take lots of vegetables and fruits which are rich on nutrients, trust the process.

Eat little but rich foods,slowly

People should know that eating a full plate does not only fill you but also allows carbs to accumulate in your body,this is because they are not processed well as they should.Through eating slowly,you will allow all fats to be burned into energy.
Take plenty of proteins and water

Before getting on an actual meal,you should consider taking a lemon's simple,just squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of water and keep yourself hydrated through the day.Proteins on other hand plays an essential role in the weight loss process,good examples of protein rich food are egg and nuts.proteins helps a lot in burning unnecessary fat and calories and makes you filled for longer,hence avoiding the need for junk food.
Gym- in and out activities

Moving around, walking, jogging and weight lifting is a common weight loss process,most people pregers going to the gym to outside activies,which is ok,but in us much as gym burns fats and calories,it also adds muscles.In this case your advised to do a general body fitness-not to add muscle but burn Carbs
Check on your,breakfast,lunch and dinner

Breakfast-should be mostly made off fruits,proteins based meal with lemon water.eggs and nuts are again advised
Lunch-should be strictly proteins,avoid bread,ugali and other junk foods like crips
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