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'Nimeona kitu' trending Photos of Machachari 'Mama Baha' that left thirsty men salivating

Nahofia photographer"says a fan 

Wanjiku Mburu,well known for her role as 'mama baha' on a popular Show 'Machachari on Citizen TV.Unfortunately,today she took it to her instagram account to post her photos which were really seductive and thirsty men were left to drool on her thick chocolate thighs.Checking by the tagged location,the photo was taken during her vacation in Mombasa at the turtle bay beach club.

Unavoidably,the photos induced lust between her male followers who openly drooled by just looking at it.however, a section of her fans didn't like the photos and they made it clear with their comments.

Hahaha,,kuna ka kitu nimeona,nani mwingine ameona,,Mafisi followers had already flocked the comment section trying to capture her attention.

Briefly,Wanjiku is a talented and an accepted actress who started acting at the age 7 where she was inspired to join the entertainment industry.
" Seeing Baha and Govi  acting at Machachari inspired me to join the auditions,and here i am,playing the of mama Baha".She narrated.

Shics (her street name) was born and raised in Kajiado county.The fact that she prefers hanging around men more than women,only proves that she is truly an irresistible beauty and that she is accepted by many.

She admitted to be a tomboy at some point on an interview, but look at her now,she's slaying.

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