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"Mr Kilunda" Dismisses rumors "Claiming" he was involved in the Boeing 737-8 Max plane crush

'Negative publicity is a good publicity'...Kilunda
You all know Mr Kilunda for his talented acting skills in popular Citizen Tv show 'Tahidi high'.well,photos have been circulating on social media apparently reporting that kilunda is is he really dead?

The plane, Boeing 737-8 Max, took off from Ethiopian airport 50km before hitting the ground at Bishoftu town.The pilot lost communications few minutes before the plane crushed-may their soul Rest in peace.. Now here is the confusing part..
It is reported that when the photo was taken on the screen,Tahidi High, a regular TV show was running and that is when Mr kilunda appeared on the screen with a caption of an ongoing "BREAkING NEWS" of the plane crush.The photo again went viral-a norm thing with kenyans' with Kilunda's photo on the face of it.Kilunda didn't hesitate but to confirm the allegations.

I'm not dead as the rumors has it,i love social media -one day your dead the next your on the news on another propagsnda-TK

Their you have it,you will continue to see his face on 'TAHIDI HIGH SHOW as he is not dead but alive and well "Negative publicity is good publicity" he added. To the family and friends of the plane crush,,please be strong and just know your in our prayer
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