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Medical appeal; Margaret is suffering a head tumour and is in need of urgent 20 Radiotherapy session

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Teresia  mwaura is urgently appealing to Kenyans to help her raise money to save her mother Margaret Agutu who is battling with tumour at the Nairobi Hospital.The tumour was removed during her last session, however, it has grown back and she needs 20 sessions of Radiotherapy

Margaret Mwaura
Margret is a hardworking and humble woman who has been practising farming,she is a widow and a mother to Teresia-currently the one taking care of her.
I continue to appeal for your help to raise 36,407 kenya shillings for my mom's Radiotherapy at the Nairobi hospital, Kenya.We have managed to raise ksh 18,593 from a total of 55,000 through kind hearted and generous people,but its still not enough  to save my mother"

26 yrs old Teresia is the one looking after her mother with her little income job-selling of second hand cloths;Mitumba- at Zimmermann, Nairobi and her job isn't enough  to raise the amount to complete her mothers treatment.

So now she is appealing for well wishers to help in contribution through;

 mpesa paybill no.

Business no.183514
Account Margaret Mwaura

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