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Kudos; See the power of social media after a Cyber thief from Riruta was caught up with justice in less than 24 hours

Never underestimate the power of social media.. Here is the testimony

Dan Shikuku,Sigma cyber services owner,yesterday reported to social media about a man who entered his shop and stole some of his valuable. The thief was caught on a CCTV camera wearing a cap and a white t-shirt,stealing from the unknowing shop attendant.He managed to walk away with a play station, a cyber camera and other valuables.
Details from the clips,shows the man entering the shop and looks arounds before stretching his hands to the other side of the desk.He withdraws his hands holding a cyber camera,looks left,right and left again before putting his hands inside the counter again.He now manages to pick a bag and one last item before exiting the shop.
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It didn't take long,before the cyber thief was caught.(in less than 24hrs) thanks to the social media."you can't eat my sweat and expect me to let you go" says the owner.he was arrested.#socialmedia #power #DCI

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