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Eldoret Music Management label -Masters entertainment

 "We not only improve your music career but also teach you new skills and support you..

In our last session we talked mostly about ," why Eldoret music,despite their good video quality, doesn't hit 5k YouTube viewers ",where we also highlighted possible solutions to this disaster.But don't worry,today we've got your back.we understand the pain of producing a good quality music video only to be disappointed by the low YouTube viewers,End the suffering Today, join Masters entertainment label and watch your gospel music career grow.

Masters Entertainment Company-as the name says it all- is made of passionate music masters who are specialized in what they do and they are looking forward to sign passionate, God fearing Gospel musicians as they take their music to another dimension, so join us today.they aim at not only promoting your music,but also show you the right path to succeed." I used to be a musician in 2009,but i had so many challenges,i had no one to guide me nor support me" Masters entertainment C.E.O
From a hard Experience to a Master,Masters Entertainment crew are in the best position to help you through, as they have been in your shoes and they understand the struggle. "I wish  to support upcoming gospel artists,through spreading the word and enlarging their audience. Our dream is to take the gospel music to its roots,Classy taste filled with content" Masters

Masters Entertainment was developed with a main aim of bringing quality,into the current generational gospel music industry needs,we offer;
  • Artist management
  • Events Planning
  • Marketing consultant
  • Brand activation
  • And so much..
Currently, we have signed two gospel artist,Mzalendo and Christian vessels,and we are also giving the same opportunity to those wishing to join us.Masters have has been in the industry for the last decades and they started as an event planning Company where they later on expanded to providing multiple services.
Why join Masters Entertainment?

Our major talent lies in creating new and original  concepts that are current ,exciting and have an excellent product market_fit.our success is also due to our being able to offer a broad spectrum of services,talents and skills in every project we undertake .
Reach us or contact us;
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Instagram @masters entertainment 254
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You tube channel Masters Entertainment 254.

Office location.metro towers 4th floor 
Phone 0727256805
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