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#IfikieDCI..woman in trouble after posting an 'insulting' statement on the recent quintuplets mother from kakamega

Yvonne on the run for posting an inconsiderate statement on Facebook

Kenya are over sensitive when it comes to some issues,,so before you post anything, think through it.People from this blessed country are very much active on social media and are very quick to reactions,one day they are praising you the next day #ifikieDCI.kenyans has a firm approach when it comes to ethnicity, traditions and religious value.Today, this lady might find herself at the hands of the authorities after posting a statement on Facebook that has left the media blazing. Yvonne,her Facebook name shamelessly posted a post discriminated the Luhya community,including Evelyn, the mother of five.
Yvonne queen,not her real name,found herself at the jaws of social media after expressing her evil idea aimed at Evelyn who took the media at storm after giving birth to three girls and four boys..
"Luhyas punguzeni ugali,ons matokeo sasa,mnazaa watoto tano kama Mbwa,ni k**a inatoshanaje inapitia watoto tano?" She exclaimed
Evelyn gave birth to her quintuplets at the Kakamega county referral hospital and now Kenyans are after Yvonne for her inconsiderate statements

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