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How to Sell your music on sportify,amazon,googleplay,Tidal & apple music-make up to $1000

Sell your music and earn $1475 from as low as 77,478 views

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As a musician,we know that promoting your music, reaching your widest audience and getting paid is your dream,well,today we are here with few tips that will help you earn up to $1000 dollar, in Kenyan shillings,this sums out to ksh122,000.

This article is updated with the new pay rates offered by music services.

Google play music

This is the highest paying site currently,beating ,apple music and amazon.for 77,478 viewers, you get $ kenya shillings its approximately ksh150,000


Tidal is the second highest paying on our list today, Tidal is owned by Hiphop world wide star-Jay-Z among others-including Nicky minaj and Beyonce,just to mention but a few.Tidal pays $1472 for 117,760 streams in kenya shillings its approximately 150,000

Apple music

Apple music contains approximately 374.5m songs and is considered the best site for your music,with everything you need to understanding about your music impression across apple and itune on one place.Find out where listeners discover your music and get a global view of listeners-earn $1472 with 127,713 streams-in kenya shillings its approximately 150,000


In Fourth position is spotify,with upto 180 fans,you get to upload ,control your tracks stats and choose what track to show.sportify is above amazon as it pays $1472 for 336,842 viewers.


Amazon is the least paying service, this site,just like apple music,itune and sportify,allows you to share your music allows you to earn and watch your stats.earn $1472 for at least 366,169-in kenya shillings its approximately 150,000

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