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Babu Owino on spotlight "we know your handwriting Babu"..kenyans

Is Babu the biological father..??find out

Celebrated Citizen TV News anchor has raised eyebrows after posting a photo holding a baby for the past few days.The baby she was holding,had a much resemblance with the Member of Parliament Babu Owino,not only from the eyes but also the nose and ears too and now kenyans won't stop at anything but demand for answers.

Just to clear the air waves,Lillian Muli got married to a prominent Nevaton,the biological father to her baby who is now less than a year who is the father of the baby she was holding? nevertheless,, who is her real mother? Here is the truth

On the spotlight is Lilian Muli and babu Owino,while they are not either way related to the girl,the trending photo was taken during a birthday party ment for Zari-Cess daughter.Zari's Dad is a 'mzungu' and the husband to Cess.The two cute couples were celebrating their baby's 1st anniversary when the photo was taken and the baby doesn't belong to lilian muli but Cess,owner of the unbeweable hair kenya,but 'mbona afanane na babu?

Kenyans are always fast to raising this questions.. But yet again they are wrong..Babu is not the father

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