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He is an agent of the Devil!'Ringtone rebukes Willy Paul;Kenyans reacts

Fix yourself before judging willy paul

Being on the same music industry with willy paul,Ringtone took it upon himself to expose the artist recent questionable behaviours.Abubakar-willy Paul's real name is islamic and the 'Pamela' hit maker highlighted it,questioning whether the singer is really  a Christian and even went ahead to chase him out of the church." how holy is Alex opondo to cast willy Paul out of the church,,?" Kenyans reacts.

Recently Ringtone announced that he is the richest musician in Kenya, while on the other hand willy Paul has been trending for the worse.First,it was about his music,people termed it 'trash' before accepting it and now he is accused of devil worshiping by his fellow gospel musician.The arrogant musician didn't bother to respond to Ringtone,not yet,despite this harsh post from him "This is a gospel artist from Kenya called Abubakar rapado-willypaul showing demonic signs on his hands". like that wasn't enough damages for the hardworking "mmmh" hit maker,Ringtone went ahead to add that " This agent of darkness has to leave the church "...yes " ame mfukuza kwa ministry..

Kenyans reaction;Fans on social media went ahead ,not to support willy paul,but to rebuke Alex -Ringtone"Uko na umama,umejaribu kua bahati ukashindwa sasa umekujia Willy paul,,pambana na hali yako.

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