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Anger stricks Nairobians after a video of two "Matatu" Crews attacking a passanger on a Highway went viral

This is happening just few hours after a driver in another incidence was recorded hitting a passenger with a spanner on the head.

The Recorded video along the Nairobi busy roads ,shows two bus crews throwing blows and kicks at unarmed matatu passenger before fleeing.This is happening few hours later after another matatu driver along Ruaka road was also recorded attacking a passenger with a spanner,hitting his head and lower back,was circulated online.when will this barbaric act stop?

The bus,asreported is from Lopha travellers sacco with registration KCD 158Z.According to the circulated video,the passenger is seen dragged out of the moving bus where he was dragged to the other busy road before receiving the blows snd kicks from the two matatu crews.The defenseless passengers,nearly hit by a speeding car,tried to defend himself only to end up in more beatings and hard blows.He is over powered by the two strong giants before they flew into their 'bus and took off.
public reaction:
The public is now calling for the DCI and the  NTSA for help in tracking the two offenders. "We need a long term solution, two incidence in a day is not a joke,please NTSA intervene.
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