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Akothee;why should i quite music??

The government doesn't pay me to be a role model" fires back

The single mother president,Recording artist and  business woman has been trending for the last few days,but what did she do this time?Akothee,in her parents Event,left her fans mouth wide open after posing in a half naked,leg wide open and almost explosing her "Nunu" in a G position in public.The Event,wich she had hosted for her parent turned into the talk of town with Kenyans criticizing and condemning such an immoral public act wich attracted MBS,Ezekiel attention and here is what he had to say;

 Kenya has got talent but as long as we keep celebrating this kind of madness, our entertainment industry will never grow. Akothee is talented but the filthy and stupid stunts she has to pull to remain relevant should concern all of us. What's worse is to see grown up men and women celebrating this scatological obscenity in the name of entertainment. We have lost it as a nation. People like Akothee cannot be the role models for our daughters. Music doesn't have to be dirty to sell. How I wish artists like Akothee would know how much influence they have on our youths and try to use that influence to produce content that is edifying. This kind is crass, moronic and a theatre of the absurd. It's demonic to the core and only appeals to debilitating and incorrigible perverts and brainless audiences. Akothee must stop this idiosyncrasy. There's no dignity in this crap for her or even her audience.-via Ezekiel Facebook page

Responding to MBS,Dr Ezekiel, This is what Akothee had to say- source Radio Jambo.
"The government does not pay me to be a role model.If you think i should be your role model,pay me.You said in your long post that Kenyans got talent.Now this is art.A talent.Keep your so called role model to yourself.Am not responsible for anyone's kids.I have my kids and my parents,they are not compaining about what am doing.Any other nonsense from anyone is Noise!!If you think being a bad influence to you or your kids,use the block butfon.If anyone including Ezekiel Mutua feel offended,let them take me to court.I open my legs for me and my fans,not for you.I wont stop anytime soon.I bank euros not Kenya shillings for the talent I have,that is if you should know.Via a call from Masawe on RadioJambo.
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