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what it means to be a single mum-desparations

This Why single mums are considered as -an easy catch
We enter motherhood with the best of intentions but somehow circumstances, an underlying personality or the challenges of mothering over rules all of that.Desperate mothers are usually desperate people,and the way they relate to their children is really a reflection of the way they relate to themselves and the rest of the world.
A single mum can be categorized as a choice or  as the only choice and i know some are already asking - specifically men,,'how is being a single mum a choice, while their is a number of desperate, wealthy,stable men who are seriously looking for companions out here?,Don't worry,we are also looking for those answers but today we have sampled some the reasons that might explain 'why single mums are considered desperate;

  • loneliness
Don't let uplifting single mums quotes or the WhatsApp status quotes fool you,single mothers are really suffering a serious disease- loneliness.Though its not easy for them to admit,but if given a chance,they will be running after the cure-a companion
  • financial troubles
Money is a main problem, even for married couples, but a death trap for a single mum and at most case when broke with no one to turn to,they always find themselves grabbing  any opportunity fired at them,,,including marriage
  • sexually thirsty
Their is always an extreme end,you can fake it all but deep down we know you can't hold it any more.This important diet-sex,not only controls your hormones, but also cures stress.Under the sheet game is what they miss most and we must admit, when they get comfortable with you,at one point they will give in..'shida ni', as soon as they get satisfied they will always cut off the communication.."we are used to being single "-that is what they will always say.

  • Responsibilities
Those raised with both parents will agree with me if i say, raising kids is not easy,but its worse if you undergo through it alone,from house chores,preparing the kids for school,going to work,paying bills and fees,,with what salary?at some point the pressure will be too much and you might be forced to look for help.
  •  guilt
Single mothers are often hunted by the guilt,not only when the "where is dad" questions pops out,but if their making the right decisions for their children.At this point a father figure may be needed.
  • Marriage pressure
Have you ever been in a "when are you getting married" situation? Well single mothers are always out of time-35 years and still single is not a joke for them.This pressure weakens them,hence they become an easy target,'kwanza' if the questions are coming from the parents or the familly members."Hapo hata mtu wa ku supply maji ni mcute"
Despite their weakness, Single mums are considered the strongest,most caring and kind people on earth,that is after Jehovah witness followers..

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