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Congratulations Shaniqwa!!,its a Baby boy..

'She' is a Dad!!?

Kevatin,mostly known by kenyans as Shaniqwa has left many asking questions and in disbelief after his beautiful super woman Naomi delivered a baby boy- khangi yesterday.

Explaining the confusion to his funs,Shaniqwa made it clear that his female side is just a character, just like Captain otoyo is not a captain 
Shaniqwa is just a character i am a family guy,an actor,a comedian,director,a content developer and now a proud Father

The mum is Naomi Jemutai and a super woman to me,she is so strong and loving,she is something else.Of all the ladies I have dated I can't compare them to her,she is just perfect and so loving, I only know of her friends and i have never heard or seen her enemies lol-Shaniqwa.

speaking to Eldoretplus,,Shaniqwa personally has requested we forward this love message to his beautiful woman Naomi.

Uuuuiiii I love her am proud of her she is the strongest woman in the world I will choose her even in the next life I can't finish this 

Although the two trending Celebrities are not yet planning to get married but we all wish to see them in a Happy Marriage.When we tried to inquire about it,He laughed and left us with this response

Hahahaa it's for us to know and for you to find out

But i know all of us are eagerly waiting for that day and We wish them all the best as they start their own family,,and congratulations to Shaniqwa and Naomi on your firstborn child

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