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Beats producer;Jacaranda on the track

Secular industry is picking passé almost overtaking the gospel industry in eldoret-Jacaranda

when it comes to quality Beats,then Jacaranda on da track is the man to go to,The Eldoret 'beats maker' has been creating quality beats for the past 5 years working with top celebrities,both locally, in east African and even across the seas-Europe.Eldoret being one of the most populated and among the fast growing Cities in kenya,is well known for its diverse talents with music being one of them.You must agree with me when i say that if given a chance Eldoret music can reach way as far as international level. This is because Eldoret music contains originality-something other towns lack.

"I aim at bringing a different sounds to the industry. My focus is mostly on quality,, i believe i'm able to compete at an international level and that's what drives me." Beats producer Jacaranda.The multi talented producer,raised in Matunda region but currently living in Eldoret started his music career way back as far as  highschool at Muhila Boys where he later on Joined St Basil Academy.
"Music has been my passion since highschool, where i would do projects for upcoming young artists in Eldoret.later on,i decided to put up my game a notch higher by enrolling myself to Kamata Music School,taking my music to the next level and expanding my fan base"Says the enthusiast producer

Music industry in Eldoret,unlike other talents,is growing at a higher rate with the Secular industry picking passe almost overtaking the gospel industry, Jacaranda narrates.But that is not all,the music Competition is highly increasing due to regular new emerging young talents which makes artist to invest more on quality audio and video production.

  • "I have been in the music industry for the past 5_years and i can tell you that the biggest challenge we are facing is that,our talented artist usually are unable  to pay fully for beats,in cases like this, negotiations happens and i end up with less than the expected amount" adds Jacaranda,

Jacarandas aim is to bring a different sound to the industry and his focus is more on quality rather than amount of production, he believes his capable of competing at an international level and that is what drives him through his career.

I believe in Eldoret has got talents,What about you? If yes' kindly share this article and help me #support our own
You can interact with him;
Instagram: jacarandaonthebeat
Facebook:jacaranda on da track
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