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Why Jomyn is Considered a "Graphic Guru" in Eldoret

Eldoret;Jomin Graphics Designs
Graphic design is considered as a way of conveying information and communication in a printed format,and no one does it better than Jomin here in Eldoret.Jomin is a former Education student born and raised in Western county and currently he is in Eldoret.He is a Graphic Designer with a unique touch of ideas when it comes to graphic designing.Jomin started working as a Graphic designer  since 2016,that is 3 years from now and now he has become the unbeaten Graphic 'guru'., in the street of Eldoret.

"I learned Graphic design while i was in campus due to love and usage of a Computer
They say 'Kizuri cha ji uza' and through his great works-which includes designing of The E.Town chronicles magazines-Jomin has managed to expand his market as everyone will always refer him to you. Speaking to Eldoretplus,Jomin has made it clear that it is the graphics designing that places the bread on his table,pays his rents and his mum's rent too,,so it does pay well.

It wasn't easy for him as a firstborn child,because he had to drop out of Education over Graphics designing which his parents,including the father who is a teacher,didn't take it well
"I started graphics 'kama mtu wa mkono' where i learned and master the work and now am also giving the same back to the society"

Jomin's dream is to take his skills to an international level and get his own Graphic designing team.To his cliets,he promises  to delivere the way the customers wants it and at an affordable price.

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