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Dk kwenye Beat,Hopekid,Willy Paul in trouble;here is why...

Dk kwenye beat,Hopekid,Willy Paul
Why so much Hatred;Funs on social media has gone wild on Willy Paul
I have a reason to listen to my low token sound tonight...

It has been clear now that the Gospel Industry is falling apart day by day,from one Artist to the other.Today Kenyans on Facebook has gone wild on willy paul after it was confirmed that he is to perfom tonight on Citizen tv 10ove10 show hosted by The Wild willis Raburu.

This is happening days after the trending X and Y Scandal facing two Gospel artists who are reportedly to be involved in Sexual abuse that has left the victims infected with sexually Transmitted Deceases.The artists involved has not yet confirmed the allegation,but as we all know-silence is a response
from left;Mombasa governor,Hassan Joho and Willy Paul
WillyPaul,on the other hand is really struggling with his music career,with every attempts hitting the rock bottom.Pozze's funs has turned against him terming his music as "trash".Recently the artist was  accused of Sacrificing his Dancers to the calt,after Consecutive death of his Dancers.Raising the question;
Where is  the Gospel music industry heading??.are we being mislead??

willy paul with omi dimpozz
Here are comments received; hilarious
  • I have only one thing 2 say ...stop sleeping in matatus. This lady sleeping next to me just shouted " Vaa condom. " Now the whole bus is looking at me 
  • Listening to willypaul should be added to a thousand ways to die
  • We said local talent . dnt go randomly picking a mad man on the street
  • I better sweep the whole compound with my toothbrush till that channel is over

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