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Before You Can Judge Me; Meet 20-Years-Old "Tomboy" in Eldoret


  • My name is Flozzy Tosh,20 years of age .I was born in kimilili grew up in Turbo Lugari district.I was raised by granny and started my pre-school in sipande primary school..then later joined S.A school Sirakaru,It was at S.A school that i realized i had many talents like singing, football was my Major talent,i started playing football in class Four and later on joined Eldoret falcons club⚽.
Where everything changed..
It was never my choice but it all happen when i was in class 5.It was at this point that i realized i had a talent in Singing and to be honest i still love music to date. My school mate and friends started mocking me that am a tomboy,and i had to Accept it.
am basically a girl with a personality of a proud to be a tomboy
I was raised by a single mum and life wasn't easy for us..
It was not that soft and i had to hustle for my pocket money by mending bicycle in Streets and sometimes knit shoes in order to get something for school. This made people to dislike me and i was neglected.Boys started looking down on mother never gave up on me.I was given weird names but she still stood up for me, tomboy name came up because i used to  ride motorbike and it was had to accept it..

Later on,it was in January,2017 that i moved out,setting course to Nairobi ,Umoja.Where I lived with my cousin.she motivated me and encouraged me."there are many tomboys who are out there with a good future"she could say..I sat down and thought about my passion in acting which never pushed through due to funds,hence i decided to do Hospitality Management at EAICS college Eldoret campus..where i met Eldoretplus blogger.

I knew the hustling was real  when met him- Mr.Bornface Odhiambo, this guy called me and said to me "Shics you are so talented". His pure desires was to help me and support me but due to financial issues it was hard for both of us .He accepted me the way i was,he even nicknamed me-Shics Kapyenga -after popular Hot 96 presenter-and i was humbled🙏.

Please don't judge me..
Things i hate about people whenever they see a tomboy,what comes on to there mind is a lesbian " that's the only thing killing us we studs and i have decided to come out and say people should stop judging us!!! Its not someones fault to be a tomboy,but its something that you are born with.

What message would you send to others like you.
I would like to encourage other tomboys out there to stand on feet and fight for their rights.i had accepted it and I don't care what others say so far am an artist that's me and i thank God for talents he granted actually I do music, dance,act,and am looking forward to do transgendered modelling.. I'm also keeping up in mechanical work in garages.
 Am aged 20 by now and i'm just a girl with a personality of a dude,at the end of the day am just a girl..

Bornface O. Omondi
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