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How to become a successful model;Eldoret Kenya,Yvonne

Rule no.1.Don't sacrifice your dignity and personality to become a successful model..Yvonne
Modelling is one of the hardest careers to take on especially in Kenya or rather in Eldoret. You need to get to master all the different looks a client might want for every theme. Get to master your favorite looks and know more on what it can offer
I started modelling in 2017, when no one took me serious.I loved photography and pretty much i have been wanting to express myself,both in photos and the run way.i started watching too much fashion films and reality shows wich i learned one or two things about photography and i was intrigued by the confidence portrayed by the models and how their fashion sense was on top.
How to become a successful model;
  • familiarize with the market
Do a full research on what you want to be,get to learn about modeling and why you want to be a model,Research more and have knowledge or rather the brains of what to expect,
  • Fitness
Everyone thinks it's easy but really it's not,you need to maintain your body shape and routine or yoga is advisable
  • Practise
To be come a successful Model you have to fo alot of practise,master your confidence and how to walk,wen to smile or pose,,all this needs practices
  • Realize your uniqueness
Since I'm pretty petite I have to balance that with a unique walk, be great at poses and have many different facial expressions for shoots for every theme of coursecourse
  • Discipline
For instance if your employer wants you to wake up early you should do so and not show any signs of tiredness,Being a model also entails having good manners and being classy.
  • Hardwork and persistence
You have to be hardworking and smart for you to prosper in almost everything and everything has it's timing. You also need to believe in yourself and have 10 times normal confidence.
  • Avoid being duped
You really have to research more about the job being offered and the people offering it because you never know who is legit and who is not
  • have confidence in yourself
Modeling is not about exposing yourself because this only lowers your self-esteem, modeling is not about showing much skin but rather being comfortable in your skin

I insist on valuing yourself and your dignity. Don't ever sacrifice this for anything. This is what makes your personality and your place in the society

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