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This is how to Get your Music played on NRG Radio by Khaligraph Jones as he takes over the playlist Tomorrow

, I shall take over the Airwaves from tomorrow morning and blaze that Good Kenyan music All day long:khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones also known as the OG few days ago stormed social media criticizing local Medias for not playing Kenya content,and instead plays alot of Nigerian and Tanzanian musical contents

The argument was fuelled by Wasafi festival that was hosted in both Mombasa & Nairobi. The two event created by Wasafi Record from Tanzania generated over 5M with all the events full of Kenya supporters. Hence the trending #PLAYKEMUSIC.

Media presenters and producers also went ahead and defended themselves,mostly saying Kenyan music has no content and some are not good for air play.And by saying so tomorrow Khaligraph Jones is planning to prove them wrong.

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This is what he had to say on his Instagram
Its come to my understanding that a good Number of Kenyans still believe that Kenya Doesn’t have good music and Kenyan Artists need to step up Their game and while I agree that we can always add more effort as far as making great music goes, my opinion stands different, I still believe that we have a lot of good music that doesn’t live to see the light of day cause of lack of platforms and attention and so tomorrow NRG radio have allowed me to Control their playlist for one day and prove to some of Y’all that Kenyan Music is fire, I shall take over the Airwaves from tomorrow morning and blaze that Good Kenyan music All day long,. To all the Artists who believe they have great music that requires rotation tomorrow kindly Send them to and watch us change this Narrative..

Send your music to this email.

So lets support our own,
Use the hashtag
#Respecttheogs #PlayKeMusic
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