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Ricc Berry Biography;Career,Background and Music

Eric Odhiambo;From a local Domestic help to a top rated hotel Barista in Eldoret, and now a musician

About Ricc berry;

Ricc is an Eldoret based artists,working as a Barista and a musician,His real names are Eric Odhiambo Okello,born and raised in Nyakach.

Ricc is from a humble background and an Orphan,he lost his parents at an early age and he was unable to proceed with his education,he later persuade his Secondary Education at Thurdibuoro Secondary School in Nyakach,he was un able to join campus due to lack of fee,hence he flew to Nairobi in search of greener pasture

Later on Eric went to Nairobi in search for a greener pasture,where he did odd Jobs like;construction, Domestic help,electrical installation and later on ended up working as a Barista through a well wisher support.

"i Came to Eldoret in search of greener pasture working as a barista of which has become my passion and i love making coffee,currently  am rated as the best barista in  Eldoret town,i have also worked in several coffee houses including Nova  cafe ,NewNova cafe,Cleopatra's cold fire and currently am at members premier Eldoret

Ricc berry started music way back in school where he was saved and used to lead praise and worship team in his local church,In additional to that,he was elected as a c.u chairman. Ricc ventured in music business officially in 2015 releasing numerous tracks like "Ni wewe" among many others

You can reach Ricc Berry on;
Instagram; @Ricc_Berry
Facebook; @Ricc Berry
YouTube; Ricc Berry Music

His Songs includes;(check on YouTube
  • Mia hera
  • Njoo remix ft sudiboy
  • Ni wewe
  • Kiuno
  • Among many others...

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