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Eldoret professional photographer;prynce from Diverse studio

Just like other Artists use paints to draw,i use my camera for the same.

Photography captures life's best moments,and here in Kenya,just like other businesses,photography has taken a center stage in terms of companies advertisements, websites,events and even promoting goods and services in the media services.
Eldoret based professional photographer has been in photography business since 2015,and today he will try to explain the struggle, joys and pride behind the lenses

about Prynce; 
Pryce,is a 22 years old 4th year student from Bondo,currently pursuing  a degree in Tourism hospitality and events management at  the Moi University. He is  a passionate professional photographer who has been doing photography for 4 years.

Why photography?
was engaged in shoots for myself. I wanted to create something for people i started shooting,besides photography,am a model and producers ,modelling activities made my photography,but i enjoy modelling in particular both engagements shooting and participating in activities,currently am "Mr Moi University"Annex campus and that makes me fill like am on the right track as a model and a professional photographer

Am different from other photographers
Unlike other photographers,i shoot my heart. I am an artist and just like other artist who draw and paint. But it happens that I use my camera to paint. I shoot to inspire myself .
In few word,describe Eldoret photography market
You just have to step up. There are great people and assumption that we ain't got what it takes is there. One thing is there is a great opportunity for creation of great things in Eldoret for both photographers and model just stop expecting to get what you not willing to spend on ... I know great people who do great work some who we have worked together and one thing i know all are willing to provide with best of what anyone would want.

You work at Diverse studio,tell us about it
we are working together with this great guy called George Martin and We undertake most projects together. We are located at Tamarind place 1st floor room F1 At DIVERSE Studios. We provide wide range of services..that is in both outdoor and indoor photography. Not to mention concept and low key photography, events pictures

 photos by Prynce;

And how can we reach you;

Follow me on;
Instagram @eldoret_finest
Twitter @eldoret_finest
For bookings;
Call;+254 713 812069
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