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5 Natural ways to last longer in Bed.

You don't need a big 'Jethro Tool' to be good in bed,here are simple ways to help you last longer:no side effects.

Sex is sweet ,but more sweeter in a clean and hygienic environment, before indulging into sex you must ensure it is in a clean environment.This not only reduces destruction but also prevents diseases or germs infections.make sure to take a shower or clean the room before the big game,this will greatly increase your lap

Despite the many myths behind it,mustarbation can greatly increase your game in bed.This is weird right?Mustarbation reduces sexual sensitivity,Hence,people who regularly mustarbate are found to last longer than those who don't.

This simply means,cuddling,kissing,licking and touching in order to stimulate your other partner before intercourse, don't just jump into sex.Forplay is meant to increase the rate of arousals before the intercourse or penetration.

4.Reducing speed.
Speed increases sexual sensitivity wich is archived through outward and inward movements,Reducing the speed reduces sensitivity, hence longer lasting."haraka ni ya nini"

The chance of you stayin longer in bed will be defined by your concentration, it is adviced not to concentrate on sex too much as it can lead to a premature ejaculation.lack of concentration can be achieved by thinking about other things like work,school or football.

Just because you have the equipment doesn't mean you necessarily know to operate the machinery, and there's simply no correlation between a guy's dick size and performance in bed
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