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From a local club bouncer to a top Deejay in Eldoret,DJ M kenya

Eldoret Finnest Deejay;DJ M kenya
Everyone's dream at some point of their life is to become a DJ,not knowing the struggle behind this journey,the pain behind the decks or what the DJs get themselves mixed into in order to archive this dream.Here is a story of an Eldoret based Deejay,DJ M ke. who decided to choose his passion-Deejaying over his career-Education.


My real name is Mwangi N Macharia,I was born and raised here in Eldoret where i joined Race Course primary school for my primary Education, Later on proceeded to wareng high for my Sec Education and later on pursued a degree in education at the University of Eldoret.

How i started Deejaying.
I was working for a particular club in Annex estate- club eclipse as a Bouncer,and it was at this particular club that i got the interest in Deejaying. It was not easy for me,because it reached a point i was told  'nichape job yenye ilinileta hapo' and i felt like my dream was shuttered.It was until one day while we were in a meeting with the club owner that God gave me the courage and i approached the club owner and requested for a chance to learn deejaying at his club,,wen he said  ' yes '.

I chose deejaying to ducation
Deejaying has been my passion unlike my career.I have been doing Deejaying for 2 years now.

My first Event.
M first event was a pool party where i was paid 3k.It was one of the key things that made me so aggressive to be a deejay..

Family support after i left education for Deejaying..
At first it was so.. hard to convince them and what made them agree is the day they saw me on a National TV being interviewed.

journey so far.
the journey has been so hard because of so many deejays in kenya and who are more better than me so there is that very big competition but all in all i thank God for lighting my path to this point

About trending Hashtag playkemusic
we should support our own brothers n sister as other countries do...lets play Kenyan music because there is good music in one should ever say here in kenya we don't have good music.

To other upcoming Deejays.
they should put God fast and  always remember hard work beats talent no matter how tough the journey is,giving up should never be an option.

 annoying about being a Dj
paying deejays is the most annoying thing that i have never seen.Event organisers pay us very low amounts yet making them rich day in day out.
i worked for a whole month just to be played 6k....i almost fainted 🤣
Greatest Archivement so far
 the same club i used to work as a(eclipse tavern) bouncer i went back as a deejay,i use to have a night event every Saturday,then i was employed as a resident deejay at DESIRE NITE LIFE but currently i am working at CLUB SIGNATURE Eldoret.i also have a brand.M Trend
You can reach me at;

i.g & tweeter @m_the_deejay
f.b deejay M kenya.
find my mixes at mix cloud @deejay M kenya

About M.Trend
Call;0718797579 for orders

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