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Terrorist Attack at Dusit D2 hote

photo;Daily Active Kenya
Breaking News;Hotel Dusit Under attack in Nairobi

Several police unit has been deployed on the Site to take control over the Incidence,including the FBI,Recce squad, KDF and local police

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet
Has confirmed the incident as a suspected terror attack and he urges Kenyans to pray for those stuck inside the hotel as the police tries to take the situation to normalcy.Several gunshots and explosions has been witnessed and now police are trying to nuetrilise the situation
photo:hotel dusit website

The incident is suspected to be related and similar to west gate mall attack and  the  El adde kdf military incident 

The Battle of El Adde took place on 15 January 2016. Al-Shabaab militants launched an attack on a Kenyan-run AMISOM army base in the town of El Adde , Somalia. It remains the deadliest attack on the AMISOM Peace Support Mission to Somalia and is the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) largest defeat since independence in 1963. As such, the Kenyan government has gone to extreme lengths to conceal the extent of its losses. [6][19][20][21] It has been described by the media as a "military massacre" or military disaster . [19] It was also the largest military defeat in Kenyan history. ,,source Wikipedia

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