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Exclusive;How Mc kiptabut was conned ksh450,000

from left;Jonnie if with Mc kiptabut
"he was arrested and taken to court on Monday where he pleaded innocent"..Mc kiptabut Narrates
Amos Kiptabut famously known by Ravellers as Mc Kiptabut, started off as a young comedian and later on as a host for the Kiptabut show.Today he speaks of  how his friend Abdul wairunge well know as jonnie ended up coning him 450k for an allegedly stolen Car (not registered)
Jonnie if
Narrating the story to Eldoretplus,Mc kiptabut admits paying Jonnie 450k for a subaru car reportedly to be stolen," i realised i was duped wen i searched for its registration details,to my shock it wasn't registered "
mc kiptabut
 ..after 3 days i went to Nairobi for an event where i decided to do a search on the vehicle only to find out that nothing exists in the system
On his return,Mc kip decided to inquire about the case from his seller and due to a misunderstanding,the comedia decided to demand for a refund..wich Jonnie refused to.Kiptabut was left with no option but to report the matter to the  police station here in Eldoret.The suspect was arrested and taken to court on Monday where he pleaded Innocent.The case is still pending and we assure our viewers a full conclusion

Stay vigilant this Njaaanuary..ou might be the next victimShare this story..
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