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KENYA DJs:one on one with DJ Nickybu

One on one with Bungoma's finnest Dj

Music is a form of art; an expression of emotions which can be expressed in many form,but music is evolving and times are changing.I remember back in the days where the DJ was  just a regular  guy with a disc changer or a radio and he was given like all the respect.But nowadays its a totally different case,we find so many youths trying to fit in the DJ industry but they all give up on the way. Deejays industry is so crowded nowadays that getting through is a big problem.This weekend i had a chance to interview one of upcoming DJ from Bungoma,Kenya Nicholus Wambilianga Also known as Dj Nickybu and here is what he had to say about his journey:

So tell us about yourself,?
.I was born and raised in a small village Bungoma but studied at Kakamega High School for my secondary education,i later  joined University of Eldoret  to study General Agriculture,.

How did it all start for you?
my passion for deejaying started when i was in high school and that's what motivated all started  in a certain event and the deejay  was really boring,he was playing country music and  i was familiar with the controller and i had my laptop..i just  asked for a chance to play and the floor was down to earth dancing and enjoying that's how i discovered that i can also move the crowd.

How did you come up with your name "Nickybu?
Nicky is a short form of Nicholas while 'bu' was given by my mother  as nickname so i combined the two

What's your preferred setup in a club or mixes?..
It all depends with the crowd that i am dealing with

How would you describe your own style as a DJ?
Its unique because i do less  more of scratches


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How do you get to balance your career in general Agriculture with your study?
I do  evaluate my time so that i can balance  in order to make sure everything is running smoothly

What was your first pay as a DJ,what was the occasion and how did it feel like?
It was the very first event that i requested for a chance.It was one  thousand Kenya shillings and It was the very first event that i requested for a chance and it felt awesome

Have you gone further to help others like upcoming artist in terms of music?
Yes i do help a lot of them in linking them up with marketing & branding  agencies to help them in marketing their songs...i also do market their songs through my mix tapes

Wow! That is really great,So far whats are the challenges of being a dj?
Thanks,my biggest challenge is finance;Finances do limit deejays from acquiring  what enable them to push  their brand to another level,no time to working till late hours at night with a lot of temptations

How can your funs get your mixes?
They can get them on Hulkshare or check my YouTube channel  ©vjnickybu Kenya

One last question, where do you do your mixes currently?
I have signed a contract with a certain club just waiting  to start off

That was it for today and it was nice having a chance to interview you on this segment.

Am also humbled for this opportunity,thank you.

You can contact Dj Nickybu on;

facebook ;vjnickybu


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WHATSAPP; 0714447687

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